About Me

I enjoy helping couples and families reconnect and mend challenging relationships. I help you find solutions to alleviate your symptoms first, then it is safer and easier to work on deeper issues. I also work with individuals to help recover from depression and establish ways to manage anxiety. I also help individuals struggling with eating disorders, postpartum depression, parenting, and stress management.

In addition to my training as a therapist, I have specialized training in family systems. So when I am working with an individual, especially an adolescent, I view the whole system in which they exist as an important element in helping the individual grow and make changes.

Sara ParellaI am a certified ScreamFree Parenting trainer. I can help your family put the joy back into your parent-child relationship. I am also available to do presentations and trainings for schools, doctor’s offices, and other groups.

I am also involved in greyhound rescue. I adopted my first greyhound, Kelsey, in 1994 and, more recently, Lucy. She’s the shy one in the picture! They bring great joy to my life and provide the inspiration (and models!) for my Classy Canine products (www.classycanine.com).

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